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Programming experience

My first programming language. Django is my go-to tech stack when I'm programming anything full-stack for myself. I also have a Raspberry Pi at home, which I use for scheduled web-scraping, in Python, for an experimental search engine I'm working on.
I've worked extensively on code in Java in the fintech job that I've held since 2021. I originally learned to program in Java in my BSc studies and have since also done a Udemy course in Maven.
I've taken part in developing new products in NodeJS in my current position.
I did some programming in C++ and F# for my BSc studies.

JavaScript / Typescript / Angular
I've used JavaScript extensively for my own Django projects, and I've used Typescript/Angular for front-end development at work.
As the projects I've done for myself have been web services, they have involved visual design of a user interface, which I have always done on my own, variably using CSS, Python, Photoshop and/or Blender.

I originally learned to work with SQL queries, in SQL Server, in my position as an expert at the National Statistical Institute, which I held for over 13 years. In my BSc studies I learned more advanced SQL operations. In my work as a developer, I have worked extensively on databases and have, for instance, been responsible for converting DB2 SQL code into MySQL code. I have also done a Udemy course in Database Engineering, and my own projects have involved databases, which used to be always in SQLite, but more recently I've switched to PostgreSQL, for a project that is more data driven.

In my current position, I've used Datadog, as a developer, and I have also completed a Udemy course in DataDog, which covered more advanced usages of the monitoring platform.

My initial contact with Linux was on Ubuntu, for a course in Computer Networking, but I have since set up and managed two websites on Linux servers, through SSH connection; same for my Raspberry Pi.

I'm a Safe certified scrum master.
Last updated: 02.02.2023