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Data and analytics experience

Enterprise statistics: R&D, Innovation, ICT, Tourism and Fisheries.
@ Statistics Iceland, 2008-2021

In 2008, I was hired as a methodologist into an understaffed department of enterprise statistics, which would later almost quadruple in size, as Iceland became an applicant country for EU membership, which increased the demand for various national statistics that had been neglected up to that point. In 2013, I managed the adoption of a new field of statitics to the national statistical institute, on Research and Experimental Development, and Innovation, in enterprises, and I remained the only expert in those statistical areas for the remainder of my employment at Statistics Iceland.

My position would involve designing and testing questionnaires, collecting R&D data (in the case of the government sector and the higher education sector), cleaning the data, analyzing the data, writing up reports and news releases, and attending meetings as the Icelandic representative for these statistics, at the level of Eurostat, the OECD and more.

Market and media research
@ MMR, 2007-2008

Right after my second university degree, I worked for MMR as an expert on market research. Among other tasks, I took part in developing the methodology for eye-tracking tests on advertisements, which MMR was then specialising in.

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