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LGBTs trolled?

To anyone living outside of Iceland, the ´78 Organisation doesn’t automatically make one think of LGBT rights. However, within Iceland that link has been firmly established in people’s minds, as … Continue reading

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The problem with marketing the unpredictable

The timeless popularity of mystery novels may be due to just how easy they are to pitch, both to publishers and readers alike. The format of the murder mystery is blessed with … Continue reading

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Additional promotion for White Iris (my unpublished horror novel)

  Also make sure to check out my teaser trailer on the front page.

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The Purification Ritual

For my first installment to my new short story collection page, I’m uploading my very own contribution to the Vampire Renaissance (a movement aimed at restoring the image of the … Continue reading

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My logo, v.1

So, having previously designed the first international non-young-adult label, I have now created the first logo for my brand, as in today’s market writers most definitely need to turn themselves into brands.

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Y.A. and literary censorship

Y.A. is all the rage in literature right now. Recent successes of young adult film adaptations have boosted the profile of this rather obscure classification concept even further – and the relationship between … Continue reading

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Why books don’t get remade

It was two years ago that Baz Luhrmann’s film adaptation of The Great Gatsby came out in cinemas. F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel had already been turned into a movie a few … Continue reading

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Writer’s Angst

  Weekly entries to every Wednesday. Stay tuned by following.

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A quick update on attracting the right kind of readers to your writing

So I posted my short story themed on Norse mythology to this website last month, after I’d had trouble finding a magazine or a market for it. The idea was that once … Continue reading

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Loki’s Story, acknowledgements

Of all conceivable interpretations of Old Norse mythology, the overarching one that I find to be the most appealing is the idea that its characters were never meant to be gods in the … Continue reading

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