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This website has served as a kind of stream of consciousness for me, over the years, where I make entries out of ideas that come to me but would simply fade into obscurity in my head if I didn’t put them into writing.

I started writing short stories in 2008, though I’ve mostly kept them to myself. In 2014 I wrote the novella LOKI’S STORY, which was based on Nordic mythology and I had hoped that I could get it promoted by scholars of Old Norse, since the epilogue of the story included an observation on how a verse from the poem Völuspá (our main source on the mythical Ragnarök) had been misinterpreted, possibly in every single book published on the subject. Still, the professor I contacted about it just ignored me, so I made do with featuring the story here on the site. It can be accessed from the icon in the panel on the right.

Then, in 2015 I wrote the novella DRUGS DON’T KILL PEOPLE, in response to a call for submission to a horror anthology of stories featuring an ‘original monster’. It didn’t get picked up for the anthology and so I just featured it here on the website, and it can be accessed from the right-side panel as well.

I’ve also included four of my short stories on the site: THE PURIFICATION RITUAL as that is one of the ones I was the happiest with and I also think it has a pretty solid concept; HAUNTING FOR HIRE is my most recent short story, though it’s been a while now since I wrote it, and I thought it had the right mixture of being lighthearted and horrific and gruesome at the same time; THE GOD OF BLASPHEMY and SLASHER QUEST were experimental and aren’t necessarily all that great as stories, but I included them anyway, as I think the underlying concepts are entertaining enough by themselves.

While the site has always been I recently got a second url for it: (how could such a good url still be available in 2016?), applying the concept of concept art in animation to writing in general — but alternatively also in reference to my plans of featuring more of my own illustrations as a part of my articles here on the site (however my digital painting abilities are still quite limited and I haven’t had enough time to work on them, so that has slowed the whole process down).

For anyone who wants to contact me, the best way is probably through the the website or the Facebook page linked below.

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    You already know my favorite dramas, but fir the benefit of others I’m going to list them here.


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