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SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESThis is the website of my personal writings. I have also written a couple of manuscripts for novels, but unfortunately I can’t reveal anything more about them here at this stage, except that one is fantasy and the other a horror. Instead I can offer you to read these novellas and short stories that used to be up on my site of Mythic and Horror Fiction. They can be accessed from the side panel ->


These are the novellas featured on the site:

DDKP cover version 4DRUGS DON’T KILL PEOPLE is a horror story that was originally written in response to a call for submissions to an anthology where the theme was stories featuring an original monster. However, as the writing of the story progressed, it became more of a psychological horror.



LSposter_croppedLOKI’S STORY is a revisionist mythology. It touches on famous tales from Old Norse in a never-before-heard narrative that shows the entire mythology of the Nordic gods in a new light. What was the great secret that Odin was guarding that would set off the infamous Ragnarok, bringing destruction upon the world of the Nordic gods?

“So, you see, Loki, the legends have come true after all, but not exactly in the way you envisioned.”

See also:

Loki’s Story, Acknowledgements:

LOKI’S STORY helped launch the website Mythic and Horror Fiction, in July 2015. There didn’t appear to be many magazines or markets out there that would be open to stories of this length and on this subject matter, so it seemed to make sense to post it on my own site instead.


White Iris cover composed copy5WHITE IRIS is neither a novella nor is it available to read from the site, instead it will be my first self-published novel. It’s with the family editor at the moment, and the blurb hasn’t yet been finalized, so there is only this cover to reveal for the time being.



All the artwork on the site is my own.

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    You already know my favorite dramas, but fir the benefit of others I’m going to list them here.


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