The Concept Art Gallery

The website is to become a demo for ‘The Concept Art Gallery’, a project where articles and thematically related/semi-related/unrelated concept art are featured together for mutually beneficial exposure.


A bit of background

As someone who has struggled to promote my writing, I have long considered the potential of the visual arts for attracting attention to the written word. So far my experimentation in that regard has been limited to putting together posters for my novellas (with the results in the panel on the right) and by making illustrations for my blog posts:


The work has led me to believe that an ideal solution for gaining exposure, both for the articles and the concept art, would be to unite the two in a virtual gallery, where concept art would be displayed surrounded by articles that might or might not be thematically associated with the text.

The rate at which this project will be propelled will unfortunately be dictated by my limited capacity to create my own concept art – however, ideally in the near future there will be actual artists contributing to the work.

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