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Loki‘s Story released


Loki‘s Story is a revisionist mythology of Old Norse. It is not meant to be a serious interpretation of the original mythology, but it is nevertheless based on a study of the old legends.

Further discussion to follow later. For (a bit) more context, please see the previous post below.

(click on the image to read the story)

Cover design: original artwork by author.





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3 comments on “Loki‘s Story released

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  2. Jae Kanella Markis

    Hey Arni!

    This is Jae from Writers’ Soapbox. I managed to read your Nordic mythology story this morning, so I’m writing here to tell you my thoughts. Honestly, I loved it. I thought the concept was original – “Odin wraps himself in the lies of lore to hide his flaws, and ultimately faces the consequences of his fabricated greatness.”

    So in the story, Odin employs the most clever and cunning of all Regins – Loki – to a far away land, where Loki meets the Greek storyteller Petra. Together, their lore makes Odin so powerful that when Loki finally reveals the truth, the lore traps them as “betrayers” of Asgarden.

    It was a lovely twist on the lore of Loki. I know ‘mythology realism’ isn’t a recognized genre yet, but it describes your story well. I don’t know if you will expand on the story, but if you did, I would love to read more. I only know bits of Nordic mythology from watching Marvel films (Horrible source, I know), but even in the Marvel films, I always thought Loki was misunderstood and that he deserved better.

    You did his character well, with the witty remarks and the way he interacted with the world. There were times I just burst out laughing, because of the sarcasm he’d use on Thor. It was a fun read. Petra was fun too. Perhaps you’d make this a series? A series of world mythologies meeting realism, showing the “gods” and their downfalls? No matter what you decide to do, I wish you the best on your writings.

    You’re a good storyteller, and I’m looking forward to your next works. 🙂

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    • arnifannar

      Thank you for your nice comments, Jae. I’m happy that you enjoyed the story. I might start referring to it as ‘mythological realism’ myself, but I’ll make sure to credit you for coining it. 🙂

      I appreciate how Marvel has kept people aware of Norse mythology, even if it is by massively distorting the source material. It also seems fitting to cast these characters as superheroes, as what they signify is much closer to that image than to our traditional idea of deities nowadays. I touched on it briefly in the following post on the site.

      And since you mentioned it, I do have a few ideas for a sequel. It would appear on this site, if I ever end up writing it. 🙂


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