About the developer

In 2021, I finished my studies for a BSc degree in Computer Science, at Reykjavik University (in Iceland). The two programs that are featured on my website, I developed on the side during my studies. They are now accessible for anyone to try them from the site and use them for all their intended purposes. My previous university degrees were in sociology (BA, graduated in 2005), and sociological research (MA, graduated in 2007). Since 2008, I’ve been working as an expert at the national statical institute of Iceland, Statistics Iceland, in the department of enterprise statistics. In the section 'Essays for the masses' you will find my background in sociology, experience in debugging and passion for writing in general coming together in my attempt at debugging society. So, welcome to the site, and I hope you have a good time with it.

Arni Fannar Sigurdsson, October 4th, 2021.

Contact: @ arnis18 ru.is

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